Let Me Make It Better || Brittana

It’s been a while since they’ve moved to Florida, much to Brittany’s sadness and misery. She was hoping that after a week or two her mother would cave in and call. They were supposed to be grandparents whether Mr. Pierce wanted to admit it or not.  Brittany was so sure she’d give a sign of life, anything really, but she didn’t and the girl was left all alone in other people’s house. No matter how much she loved Santana and adored her warm and caring parents it wasn’t the same, she has lost her family the only flesh and blood related to her except for the child hidden safely in her womb.

Moping around wasn’t the best thing for the baby, so she tried her best to stay positive but she wasn’t kidding everyone. She could see the worried glances Santana was giving her every time blue eyes didn’t match the fake smile on her features. She could noticed how tightly she pulled onto the tan body some nights, just seeking so desperately for the comfort she couldn’t find in anything. And sometimes she would sit there for hours stroking the skin of her stomach tenderly. This was her only release, her little miracle growing in there to make everything better. Keep her from being alone.

Tonight wasn’t any different; Brittany has stayed in the bedroom as soon as she excused herself from dinner. She was sitting on the bed, book on her lap as she read  out loud some fairytale. Her voice was soft and gentle, as if the baby could already hear her. Maybe it didn’t, maybe it did, who knew but this made her feel content and happy, so she wasn’t going to stop doing it, even if it was pointless.

Raising her eyes for a second she noticed that she wasn’t alone in the room. Santana was there, leaning against the doorframe and watching her, who knew how long she has stayed in there. Brittany gave the woman a weak smile before closing up her book. “Hey, how long have you been up there?” She asked curiously, hoping that Santana didn’t find her little habit too weird. 

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